D.C Cultural Kids Weekend Activities


Friday – March 2

Mongolian dance troupe, throat singers and contortionist at the Kennedy Center’s Millenium Stage 6:00 pm

Flamenco Festival 2012 at Lisner Auditorium 8 pm.

Saturday – March 3

Drumming through Cultures at 11 a.m. at the Atlas

Fairfax Chinese Dance Troupe will be featured at the weekly “Saturday Morning at the National” series.  Showtimes are 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

Sunday – March 4

Kids@Katzen: Free To Be Me from 1-3 pm kids ages 5-12 can tour the museum and talk with artists Anil Revri 202-885-1300

Marian Anderson story time at the National Portrait Gallery program for kids 1 – 4 pm

Nowruz! A Persian Celebration at the Freer Gallery of Art.  Food, games, stories and songs 11 -5 pm.



This Weekend in DC!


Lots of interesting events are going on in DC this weekend — so stick to that resolution to introduce your kids to one new cultural event every month and check out something a little different for the weekend.


Tales from Mother Africa

“Tales from Mother Africa” at the S. Dillion Ripley Center’s Discovery Theater showcases Poetry by Kenyan Anna Mwalagho

Step Afrika! performs on Friday and Saturday at Sidney Harman Hall

Crepe Day at Hillwood is on Saturday — Breton dancing, hat making, French stories & crepes!

The National Gallery of Art hosts National Gallery Asteria concert — take the kids to see medieval songs and a demonstration of the instruments used during that era.

Have fun exploring!

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!


It’s the year of the Dragon!  We celebrated Chinese Lunar New Year last week by hosting a party for my son’s class — Spring Happiness poems, oranges, and even a Dragon Parade.  The kids loved it and it  gave us the opportunity to talk about different countries, cultures and traditions.  In previous years Chinese New Year has fallen in February and I welcomed the opportunity to focus on a holiday other than Valentines Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Valentines Day.   But for some kids it’s a little more fun and interesting to talk about dragons, lions, sweeping out the old year and learning to eat with chopsticks.   Washington, D.C. is hosting its annual Chinese New Year parade today and it’s a cultural highlight for kids!  Lion dances, acrobats, costumes, fireworks…what’s not to love?  When we first started celebrating Chinese New Year there were very few children’s books about the holiday.  Today there’s a wider selection so check them out if you get the chance and start the conversation.  I want to make sure my kids grow up with Chinese New Year as one of our celebrated holidays…and if it edges out Valentines Day…well, I’d welcome that too.

Kids Euro Festival!


Hey D.C. — it’s that time of year again.   I love the Kids Euro Festival.  Twenty-seven European Union countries and their embassies open their doors to showcase the best European productions for kids.  With over 150 performances to see over the next month….you can’t go wrong in introducing a new culture to your kids.  There are puppeteers from Finland,  clowns from Estonia, cartoons from Poland, music from Sweden.  Last year I took the boys to see a few different events – mimes from France were by far their favorite and a comical play from Cyprus was a hit as well.   Not only are the performances/films fun but it also presents a great opportunity to check out places you’ve always wanted to see.  The Goethe Institute, French Embassy, House of Sweden, Shakespeare Theatre, Artisphere and others.  Venues also include the Kennedy Center, local libraries, embassies and schools.   For a complete schedule of events click here.  All events are free and many don’t even require reservations.

Learn with the World, not just about it


Today I learned of two innovative organizations whose work brings students, schools and teachers closer via the internet and social networking.  Today’s students are talking to each other instantly with Skype, working on projects jointly and giving new meaning to the words “international collaboration”.   I’m thrilled that young children around the world can connect instantaneously and that school curriculum can be enhanced exponentially.  With iEARN, over 2 million students are engaged collaboratively every day.

If you have a chance please check out iEARN and Connect All Schools and see if your school can participate.  As iEARN states..students are “Learning with the world, not just about it…”

Explore China at the Kennedy Center


It’s not too late to catch a few shows at the Kennedy Center showcasing China: The Art of a Nation.  Between now and the end of October you can still catch the Northern Kunqu Opera, the Beijing People’s Art Theatre and the Beijing Dance Theatre.  For younger kids there’s also the outdoor exhibition by leading Chinese contemporary artists.   I took the kids to the MaximIndia Festival back in March and was amazed at the exhibits showcasing culture and art.  If you get the chance, it’s definitely worth an evening visit and you can even grab a quick dinner in the Cafe!